Brain Purist is an electronic music duo from Zagreb (Croatia)

Its members – Marko and Jazz are both composers, songwriters, producers and audio engineers. Oh, and Jazz is a top class vocalist and a voice of Brain Purist.

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It all started in early 2016. when Marko founded Brain Purist as a solo dance music project with an intention to make the best possible electronic music with beautiful memorable melody hooks. In everyday life, Marko is a seasoned digital marketing executive, futurist thinker and a fan of digital transformation.

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After two successful independent singles, “Wish You Were Here” and “Curse the Day” Marko approached Jasmin/JazzKaz to do a collaboration after hearing Jazz perform a cover of Sam Smith song. Two musicheads instantly clicked and instead of “one song stand” spent months exchanging ideas, writing lyrics, composing,recording, mixing and pushing the limits of their creativity and skills. It was natural for Brain Purist to double up in size and become a duo!

JazzKazz is a newest member of Brain Purist and one of the most interesting male vocals you can hear in the music industry! He is a schooled music producer/audio engineer and trained drummer and piano player. He is an avid explorer of human psyche and can read a person like a book in a jiffy!

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With all the qualities and skills under their belt, it is no wonder that guys from Brain Purist can totally control the whole creative process: from songwriting and composing, arranging, mixing, mastering and performing live – everything is done inhouse.

Brain Purist’s music is not quite EDM nor tropical house nor funky house nor… you name it. It is everything electronic, yet manages to stay unique and delivers that instantly recognizable Brain Purist sound. Their music is engaging, colorful and captivating: it’s all about inspiring people to free their minds and feel free to dance and experience life to the fullest.

In their own words: “Free your mind and do your dance. This is Brain Purist”.

The inspiration for this unique and eclectic blend of sound comes from genres as diverse as house music, death metal, funk and hip-hop, as Jazz was in a metal band and Marko produced rap as Urban Spirit: the brightest fans will certainly figure out the clever connection between the two monikers! Urban Spirit – Brain Purist. A hint? Play around with the letters!

The first single of the revamped Brain Purist is called “Shine Tonight” and is released independently on 15th of September on all digital music services.

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