Curse the Day  – Lyrics

Curse the Day – Lyrics


This is a story I have to share with you all.
You won’t believe what he said! He said:
“Tell me baby, do you care for me, love me baby, do it carefully”

He fooled around, We’re breaking up and I feel good (echo)
But still.. I curse the day!
Let’s go!

I curse the day, the day we met
I hate your voice, your everything
But I can sleep, it’s just a way I feel
And I warn you, don’t you stay with me!

Tell me baby, did you care for me
Love me baby no you never did

Tell me baby, did you care for me
Love me baby no you never will

I curse the day!

And so we stand, divided again,
You’re punk and I will say it again
I curse the day, but I am feeling well
And when you leave, You can go to (wow!)

I don’t care, if you care now
You didn’t care when I needed you
Look at my feelings they’re flat like a lifeline
My heart is telling me to end it now

But I feel good
And you should too
We ‘ll both feel good
If we end it now

Before you go just let me hear it for the last time
Before you go – let me hear it for the last time!

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